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Quicksource is a cost effective solution from Cauve LLC., for small sized businesses looking to explore possibilities of offshore outsourcing. The concept is simple: we will provide you with a team that will work for you exclusively from our office. You will work with our contracts managers to screen and choose the employees you want for your team and you will work with our Contract Manager to setup the infrastructure and tools you need to make your offshore team part of your daily workflow. Finally you will work with our operations group to setup the structure of your team and identify the key performance indicators that we will need to monitor to guarantee a succesful operation.

This sourcing model from Cauve LLC., can be experienced with single employee and we would scale it smoothly to meet your  increased requirements. The pricing for this model would be the effective cost of the type of resource, the type of software tools to be used by the resource. So at Cauve we gurantee you the best resource at 1/3rd price.




Submit your Requirements: At Cauve, we pride ourselves to be a consulting partner for various clients only becoz’ of our consulting approach. Let that be for a projects of any size and duration. This process always begins by first, analyzing your exact requirements. This will generally comprise the following information:

  • Project - What is the type of project?
  • Manpower - how many people will you require for this project? What tasks will they be performing? What would be their work hours?
  • Infrastructure - what hardware and software specifications will your offshore staff need for their workstation?
  • Duration - how long do you plan to have your Project ODC?

After we have assessed the feasibility of your project, we will move on to finalizing the job descriptions of your ODC team.

Finalize Job Description: The job descriptions go into more detail regarding your individual manpower requirements for the project. They will generally contain the following information:

  • Tasks - what are the general duties and responsibilities of your offshore staff?
  • Qualifications - what skills and specializations will your offshore staff require?
  • Expected work hours - what are the specific hours that you expect your ODC to work?
  • Maximum Budget - is there a maximum budget that you have in mind for the ODC team?

You may provide additional criteria as well to narrow the search such as educational background, job experience, preferred gender and any other profile requirements. Once this is done, you may outline a selection process together with our Contract Manager to find the most suitable team.

Select your team: During this process, our Contract Manager will use an external trained consultant on the domain knowledge to perform a preliminary screening process based on your criteria before advising you on the most promising candidates for the final screening stage.

Screening & Selection:

  • Screening - This process is highly flexible and it is completely up to you how this phase is executed. You may provide your own tests and interview questions as you deem necessary. Cauve team conducts a standard exam and pre-screening interview with our candidates to make sure they are a good fit for the job described.
  • Selection - Cauve team will advise you based on results from the initial screening process. The final decision will, of course, be made by you. You may choose to interview the candidates yourself through web conferencing sessions or even during a visit to our offices. Once you have made your decision, our team will take care of all the paperwork.

Infrastructure setup: In our preparation for the big Go Live moment of your ODC, our team will have set up the exclusive secured space, workstations, and other resources. In most cases, this is pretty straightforward for our team to handle without your involvement. However, you may have more complex requirements that would, for instance, require us to link your domestic servers and network to the ODC; or there may be very specific hardware or software configurations that need to be applied. In such cases, our technical team coordinates with you to get everything in place before your ODC becomes operational.

Start work at your ODC: The first day of work for the ODC team is always a highly energized time. The ODC team will be explained on the general policies of Cauve LLC., and also share with the details of your requirements. There would be an introductory session with your team for a supportive, concurrent operation.

Upon completion they will start with a remote training session organized by Cauve on the requirement with your team lead

Operation Management: Our involvement in the day-to-day operations of your ODC team will generally involve these three aspects:

  • Administration @ Cauve - The administration department of Cauve will take care of attendance reporting, leaves, announcements of upcoming public holidays, and all other matters.
  • Support team @ Cauve - Our support team is in place to make sure that your teams infrastructure are beefed-up and is up and running at all times. Additional software and any other workstation adjustments are performed exclusively by this team to ensure network security and integrity.
  • Operational Management - Your assigned contract manager will be your first point of contact in case any action needs to be taken with regards to your team. Anything ranging from performance management, requests for overtime, allocation of additional resources or any other operational issues will be handled by your contract manager.
  • Management team with strong IT Experience and expertise
  • Broad spectrum of expertise across value chain
  • Absolute security of client’s intellectual property, by providing various tier of security.
  • 24x7 support to meet deadline.
  • State of art infrastructure setup
  • Low Cost sourcing model
  • Direct Control with remote management
  • No Cost ODC
  • Time zone coverage
  • Skilled Resource Availability
  • Flexible Capacity Management
  • Build your Expertise at no cost
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